About QuitSmokingResearch.com

QuitSmokingResearch.com was created by a collective of likeminded x-smokers and cancer survivors who want to raise awareness of the problem and provide practical solutions that will help people quit smoking for good.

There is so much research and information about this topic and awareness is increasing every day, but there are not many places where smokers can find easy to read, real-world information, instead of long studies and data.

QSR takes all the information currently available about this topic and breaks it down into short, digestible articles and infographics that people can easily refer to and start using in their every day life.

QSR is currently in production on a new YouTube channel with a series of videos designed to keep viewers both entertained and motivated in their journey towards a healthier life.

A Global Problem

While it is true that smoking and the use of tobacco products is declining in western countries, the problem is only worsening in many third-world counties and so our mission is to reach people in developing countries with information in their local languages and to provide educational services to local community leaders in these countries.

We Welcome Your Feedback

If there is a topic that you would like us to explore or research, please let us know. We value your feedback and want to make sure that the information we provide is relevant and relatable to our readers.

Thank you for your time and support of these projects.

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