The Benefits of Replacing Your Cigarettes with E-Cigs

Everyone knows that smoking cigarettes is incredibly dangerous and harmful, so unless you are completely oblivious to the information around you, quitting is the best way to regain your health, your time, and your life. But how? There are so many methods nowadays that promise an easy and fast quitting experience, but the best way to kick the habit for good is with electronic cigarettes (known as “e-cigarettes” or “e-cigs”).

An e-cig is a small electronic apparatus that looks and feels similar to a traditional cigarette, but the user inhales an “e-liquid” instead of carcinogenic compounds, tar, and formaldehyde. Small amounts of nicotine are often mixed into the ingredients of the e-liquid, but far less than you’d get smoking a Marlboro.

E-cigs are a fantastic way to stop smoking conventional, chemical-ridden cigarettes. Lowering your health risk is obviously the number one reason; the risks of vaping (using e-cigs) are far more palatable than those proven to transpire as the result of regular cigarette use. On a more basic level, however, e-cigs offer a large variety of flavor options. If an ex-smoker finds a particular flavor that he or she likes, why go back to plain ol’ smoking?

The convenience of vaping is also consideration. Usually electronic cigarettes are welcome in places where regular cigarettes are not. This is due to the fact that second-hand smoke and other damage to bystanders is not a factor. They also do not give off an odor that many are offended by.

In short, e-cigs are far less addicting then their traditional counterparts. Users of the newer variety have the capability to take them out, smoke a few puffs as needed, then put them away, instead of feeling the need to finish an entire cigarette. Since the nicotine amount can also be controlled, as time moves forward, users can begin weening themselves from it step-by-step. Overall, e-cigs promote smoking cessation, and are therefore an excellent choice as an aid for quitting.