How to Quit the Socialization Aspect of Smoking

There is another factor to the habit of smoking cigarettes that needs to be explored: socializing with fellow smokers. The socialization factor of smoking is an immense component that you need to specifically address when considering your personal quitting method. This also goes for those who consider themselves “only social smokers,” who are inevitably just preparing the gateway for much more frequent use. The following are some ideas to kick the socialization habit.

  •  First, identify the places and situations that you associate with smoking cigarettes: at the bar, after dinner, at work, visiting friends, etc. Once pinpointed, it’s far easier to consider how to relinquish cigarettes from that particular circumstance.
  • Replace cigarettes with something else that you can do with your hands: e-cigs are an easy alternative, or even holding something like a pencil or a bottle of water.
  • Hard as it may be, take a break from the smokey bar-scene for the first few days, when quitting is the hardest.
  •  Maybe one of your friends, co-workers, or acquaintances wants to be your “quitting buddy,” that is someone else in your social group who will keep you accountable, and with whom you can commiserate!
  •  Take a long, hard look at your “friends” with whom you smoke. Are they the type who you will no longer socialize with outside the smoking circle? Will they get offended if you ask them to go outside to smoke a butt at your house? If so, you need to consider whether these are people who you actually want in your life.
  •  Continue to take your “smoke breaks” at work, but forgo the smoker’s area in lieu of a coffee run, a quick gossip session with a friend, or even sitting in the car and listening to the radio for a few minutes.
    Always keep in mind that non-smokers still relish in the same things that smokers do, minus the urgency to smoke.