I Quit Smoking Weed for One Month – Here Is What Happened

Last month, I quit smoking weed after smoking for 5 years. I decided to give up the habit for several reasons. Even though marijuana is legal where I live, it is expensive. I was spending all my money on it. Every time that I ordered an edible, I kept thinking about how I could be spending that money on something else.
Marijuana was holding me back. I have wanted to travel for some time now but I haven’t been able to because of marijuana. At the time, I needed to get high to have a good time. I was worried that I won’t have a good time if I travel without my weed.
Another reason that I gave up marijuana was because I have been having a lot of trouble focusing. I can’t pay attention during my university classes no matter what I do. I suspected that my marijuana use might be the reason why I can’t focus.
I finally decided that I would quit smoking and see what happened. You are likely wondering how I quit weed. There were several things that helped me.

  • Quit plan-Before I gave up weed for good, I sat down and wrote a plan that included the reason why I wanted to quit, when I would stop and what I would do when I experienced cravings.
  • Focus on health-To ward off cravings, I ramped up my exercise routine during the first month. I focused on how much better my body felt when I worked out.
  • Friends-I told my boyfriend and friends that I was quitting. When I craved weed, they helped me remember why I wanted to quit.
  • Substitute-I knew that having a substitute would help me quit. I didn’t want to substitute marijuana for something worse like alcohol. Since I already vaped marijuana, I decided to switch to e-cigarettes. I used a zero-nicotine vape.

It has been a month since I have given up cannabis. I feel much better, both mentally and physically. I no longer feel like I am tied to weed. Before, I felt like I HAD to use cannabis to have a good time. That is no longer the case. Plus, I can focus better on my schoolwork now. I am so glad that I decided to quit for good.