Why Did Woody Harrelson Stop Smoking Weed?

Actor Woody Harrelson has been a vocal advocate of marijuana use—he has long touted the medical and recreational benefits of using marijuana. Now, after 30 years of smoking weed, the actor reveals in an interview with Vulture that he has given up weed for good.

So, why did Harrelson decide to quit after so many years of use? He revealed that he gave up marijuana nearly a year ago after releasing just how much marijuana was negatively affecting him.
The actors tells Vulture that he was a “party animal” and says that using pot caused him to not be emotionally available. Harrelson admits that it was hard to quit. He still gets the urges to use weed, especially when he’s around someone that is using pot. So, if you smoke weed and want to quit, what can you do to cope with cravings? There are several things that can help, according to experts.

Working out triggers areas of the brain that control mood, producing feelings of euphoria similar to what you would experience when using marijuana. So, aim for at least one hour of exercise three times per week.

Get Support
Talk to a supportive friend or loved one about your decision to quit. Ask them for extra support. You can also join a support group and connect with others trying to quit also. Talking to a professional substance abuse counselor can help as well. They can teach you ways to cope with withdrawal symptoms and get through cravings.

If you Smoke Cigarettes, Consider Quitting at the Same Time
Why not try to get rid of both habits at the same time? Switching to e-cigarettes can help you cope with the cravings from quitting both marijuana and nicotine.