The Damage that Your Nicotine Habit Has on Others

You have made the decision to smoke cigarettes. It is a poor decision, but, nonetheless, it is yours exclusively. The damage your doing is to your own health, right?
Wrong. As an irritant, cigarette smoke makes the symptoms of asthma, and other respiratory ailments, more severe. Worse, studies show that the possibility for non-smokers to develop lung cancer is increased by 20-30% for those who have been exposed to other people’s smoking behaviors. Of course, smoking while pregnant can lead to many harmful prognostics for your unborn baby.
In children and adults who suffer from maladies of the respiratory variety, such as asthma or URI, the danger of an exacerbation is much more prominent if a smoker lives in the house. Moreover, smoking can boost the risk of bringing these illnesses on. Ear infections and breathing complications (shortness of breath, bronchitis) are prominent among kids who live in smoking households as well.
The people who live in your house are much more prone to cancer of the lungs as well. The second-hand smoke that comes from cigarettes causes nearly 3,000 deaths from lung cancer annually, in the US alone. This cancer is a real threat to the innocent members of a smoker’s home.
If you choose to ignore the Surgeon General’s warning on that pack of Parliaments and light up while pregnant, your unborn (and as of yet un-developed) baby is certainly at risk. Poisons, like nicotine and carbon monoxide are inhaled into your system, then carried through your bloodstream to your baby. Birth weight is most commonly affected, and risk for birth defects, lung problems, and SIDS are increased.
Next time you light up, ask yourself, am I okay with harming others because of MY nicotine habit?